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Reach more than 27 million consumers in the Nordics. We work with the leading offline and online grocery retail and foodservice providers in all the Nordic countries. 

Grocery retail

Local expertise and connections

Instore placement and brand awareness are key aspects to be successful in grocery retailing. Having worked in the grocery retail industry for many years, we know all the perks it takes to position a brand on the grocery market. Our goal is to provide your brand with all the necessities to grow profitable and sustainable. 

At Vitaseege you do not have to worry about talking to one person at logistics and then another at sales. Here you will only have contact with one of us that manages the whole supply chain. We value close relationships with the brands we work with. It is one of the things that differentiates us from other FMCG companies. 


More and more people are consuming food from restaurants and other services. Whether it is going out or ordering home. Foodservice is the new way to eat and explore great flavours in a convenient way. With a growing customer demand brands have an amazing opportunity to establish themselves on the foodservice market, and that’s when we come in. 

We work continuously to find the right solution for your brand. So that you get the best distributors and foodservice providers in the Nordics. By having experience and connections from all over Scandinavia we are able to stay at top of the marketing trends and deliver individualized brand solutions.

Why working with us will benefit your brand

Working with few brands is a conscious choice for success

With us you are one of few selected, not one of many

You only speak to a senior partner, regardless the issue

Small and effective organization with focus on high quality

Operational execution married with a constant strategic view

A personalized relationship that goes beyond business topics

Food shopping online

Shopping food online has never been easier for consumers. There are today a wide range of online food shopping providers in the Nordic countries and we have listings and connections with the all of them!

To be successful online you need the right distribution channels specific for your brand. At Vitaseege we provide the full circle, from when the products are ready to leave the factory, to when they arrive to the consumer.

In between that, you also need the right marketing tools to excel, which we can help you with as well! Having different touchpoints in the customer journey is crucial to succeed online.

Want to know more?

Welcome to contact our team if you share our view for food retail and looking for reaching out with your brand to the Nordics by professionals with one-point-of-contact.

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