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Appetizing frozen vegetables & pizzas
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Apetit, Finlands market leader in frozen vegetables listed om OMX Helsinki wanted to enter the Swedish retail market.

Vitaseege initially researched the Swedish market and launched Apetits first products within 9 months at ICA.

24 months later Apetit has 17 SKUs at ICA, Coop, Bergendahls and Mathem with an annual consumer value of 80 MSEK and strong continuous growth

bonne maman marmalade and jams
World leader in jam and marmalade
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Bonne Maman, the world’ s largest premium supplier of high-quality jams, preserves, and spreads.

Loved for its premium and authentic flavors. The brand’s commitment to quality and taste resonates well with Swedish preferences.

Delicious bake off products
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Danerolles is privately held Dutch fresh dough company and wanted growth in Scandinavia. Vitaseege took over the business in 2018 and accelerated the business in Denmark and Sweden and launched in Norway in 2019.

The business has since then doubled in Denmark and nearly doubled in Sweden as well. Danerolles annual consumer value on the three markets is 30 MSEK

Spicy Curry Ketchup Original
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The classic German flavor. Perfect for meat, sausages, french fries and rice. 

In addition, the curry ketchup also works wonderfully as a flavor enhancer in sauces, soups and marinades. 

Hela is the most famous brand in Germany when it comes to ketchup. The curry ketchup has been produced with the same recipe since 1963. Hela has an exciting product portfolio with ketchup, mustard and sauces.

Hela works to always ensure quality and product safety.

Dairy products for Foodservice
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Lakeland, a leading Irish farmer owned dairy producer, present in Sweden with the Millac brand since 2000.

The sales was stagnating and Lakeland was looking for growth. They needed new representation in Sweden.

Vitaseege revitalized the interaction with clients, improved supply chain and opened new national wholesaler.

Millac sales growth was 17% during the first year and client satisfaction increased significantly

terra delyssa
Spreads, yoghurt and ice cream
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With presence in 28 countries Naturli has taken plant based to a new level with spreads, drinks, yoghurt, and ice cream. Be the change!

Naturli’ dreams of day when it is plants we serve on dinner tables everywhere, so that we can create a greener world and a better balance between humankind and nature.

Therefore, sustainability is an important aspect for us and we endeavour to provide plant-based food that can make a difference
for the environment.

The Orkla owned brand Naturli´ has an established sales of 3 mio Eur in different categories in the Swedish market. With higher ambitions of sales and ambitious growth targets they contacted the team at Vitaseege. After making a joint strategic plan we started the journey in the beginning of 2023.


terra delyssa
Tunisian Premium Extra Virgin Olive
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The olives for Terra Delyssa premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil are grown in orchards in Tunisia. We
do not use chemicals or pesticides on the trees. The olives grow and ripen under 320 days of
Mediterranean sun. The olives are harvested by hand and cold-pressed within 4 hours.

Smooth, mild and fresh flavor. Balanced, buttery with hints green notes. Terra Delyssa extra
virgin olive oil is ideal for everyday cooking, salads, dipping, marinades and when your recipe
calls for extra virgin olive oil.

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