Old About us

We believe that there is a better way of bringing brands to the market. We are challenging the model of large organizations and slow processes. We believe that all that is needed is a strong, well trained, professional small agile team not afraid of getting their hands dirty.

How it all started

It all started in 2018. After 20 years + in senior positions within multinational companies, the four of us all were looking for a change in our life

Four FMCG-professionals in search for change

One early morning Magnus woke up and felt his business development director role did not give him the kick he was looking for. It was time for change. The week after he resigned looking for new adventures.

Since many years Robin was successfully managing the family business of Vitaseege Finland. In order to widen his perspective, he decided to appoint a successor and move to Sweden.

Jakob moved back from Norway with his family after a couple of years as CEO at a Danone-company and was ready for a change and new challenges.

Christoffer sold his company after 7 years in the gift voucher business and searched for a change longing back to the FMCG industry.

To be frank we were pretty fed up with corporate bullshit, endless meetings, templates, slow processes and the feeling of newer getting down to business. All the stars were aligned, and we got together and decided to CHANGE the business is in FMCG and founded Vitaseege Sverige AB.

Today we are an agile partner for local and international companies, providing tailor made market solutions to reach the 27 mio Nordic consumers. At present we are managing sales of 8 million Eur and growing.

Why we do it

We want to make a difference, contribute to the future. Our jobs should contribute with more than money. We want all people to eat better, more healthy food with less E-numbers, less sugar, i.e. proper food. We look for making better alternatives available in the categories we are present in.

What we do

See us as commercial partner for Nordic retail reaching 27 million consumers in the 4 different markets. Many companies, both large and small, sometimes reach a point where it is time to take the next step to develop the business, find new customers, consumers or markets. It is often at this stage that our partners choose to contact us. It could be to roll out a simple idea or discuss a re-launch to more extensive and far reaching collaborations where we take care of the company’s entire commercial process including branding, sales, inventory and distribution.

We represent your brand in the Nordic market. We take care of the entire commercial process with everything from logistics, multi channel sales, marketing and finance.

How we do it

We want to work in a company spending our time with people and brands we like, challenging the modus operandi of the large multinational companies. In short, we want to have fun while growing brands and our business by being us: entrepreneurial, fast and professional.

We believe that all brands are different and needs a tailored approach. We take your brand, your ambitions and plans and put them in a framework for our markets and consumers. We evaluate your offering, local potentials, identify needs for investments and create a plan together with you. Then we put in the second gear and makes it happen.

Life is too short for not having fun! We only work with brands and people we love!

Therefore it´s important for us to work with, and carefully select the companies, principals and brands who have the heart in the right place and share our passion for the FMCG business.