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Are you looking for change?

Do you already have a fantastic product or service but feel that it does not reach its full potential? Maybe you are thinking about reworking the strategy, finding new customers, taking on new geographical areas or challenging the current distribution model but lack knowledge and hands to make it happen – then Vitaseege is the right partner for you!

Please have a look below if you would like to see a more traditional overview of our palette of services we provide. Or why not just drop us a mail at hello@vitaseege.se or give us a call.

Local representation

We function as your local subsidiary in the Nordics.

Fully staffed and equipped local office for handling of your business locally in the Nordics.


We handle our client’s daily operations and have extensive experience working within all channels in the Nordic trade covering Retail, Convenience, Food Service, E-Commerce, Pharmacies and Industrial sales.

Market & Consumer insight

We provide our Partners with a deeper understanding of the markets within the Nordic region, like the market dynamics, pricing, segments and consumer behavior´s.

Interested? Got any burning questions?

Please do not hesitate to take contact with us today: hello@vitaseege.se